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General Auto Repair For Everyone

No matter who you are and no matter which make or model of the car you drive, come to Dave’s Automotive Repair in St. Petersburg, FL, for a full range of repair services. When we say that we offer a complete selection of repairs for all makes and models, we mean everything from the most basic fixes to the most complex repairs and replacements. Some of the most common auto repair services we offer are oil changes, oil filter, and air filter replacements, adding antifreeze, aligning or balancing wheels, and replacing your car’s batteries. If your car requires an engine tune-up or scheduled maintenance per factory recommendations, our professional technicians are well-equipped to keep your car in perfect working condition.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Looking at your dashboard and seeing a strange light has come on can be shocking. Don’t panic, though: the CEL can indicate any number of issues, from small stuff to bigger problems. If the check engine light is a solid color, that typically means that, although you should get your car checked out, you don’t have to pull over onto the side of the road. If your check engine light is flashing, this is a sign of a more serious problem, so you should definitely prioritize bringing your car in to see us ASAP. Some cars will have a yellow light for a minor issue and a red light for a more serious issue. Regardless of the color and whether the light is static or flashing, you should always bring your car in for diagnostics when you see that light come on. Ignoring your car’s cry for help can cause it to develop worse problems down the line. When the light comes on, your engine will also store a code, which we can read using our diagnostic technology. Once we’ve scanned your car for the code, we’ll interpret what your engine is trying to tell you – in other words, we’ll have an exact idea of what’s going on, and with your go-ahead, we’ll repair it in no time.

Quality Repairs In St. Petersburg

If you need top-notch auto repair in St. Petersburg or the surrounding area, you can always trust the Dave’s Automotive Repair team to offer honest car repair services. We offer a full range of repairs for all vehicle makes and models. If you notice something strange going on with your engine, or if anything else is off with your car, call us at (727) 505-6469 to make an appointment. Then, bring your car into our auto repair shop at 5290 95th St N STE A St. Petersburg, FL 33708. We can even arrange towing if you need it! Our shop is open Mon-Fri: 9AM-5PM, so feel free to come in to see us any weekday. We’re often able to offer same-day services or a quick turnaround. Honest repairs done quickly and cost effectively are our specialty.

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